Should You Use Natural Gas Deck Heaters Or Propane or Wood?

More homes are using natural gas as their source of heating, but there is a lot of debate about whether or not this is the best type of heating for a home. In order to decide if natural gas is right for you, here are a few reasons why natural gas is better than heating your home with propane or wood pellets.

Propane and wood pellets have been identified by the United States Fire Department as the two most dangerous types of fuel in a home. Wood and propane are by far the worst of the three, burning hotter, producing more toxic fumes, and much more likely to burn through materials and furnishings than natural gas. While the risk of fires and explosions is a concern, there is no evidence that natural gas is more likely to do so.

Propane and wood pellets burn at around 700 degrees Fahrenheit and can reach higher temperatures under extreme pressure. When the pressure is released, the flame begins to cool down. With the combination of all the heat and pressure from the flame coming from one location, and the pressure being released because of the heat and combustion, there is no way that a flame can stay hot for long. The flame rapidly cools off.

Natural gas is much more efficient in its combustion process. The reason for this is that the flame is warmed by a heat exchanger, which warms the flame so that it is able to burn more evenly.

Another problem with both propane and wood is that they can release a lot of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere when they burn. Studies show that carbon monoxide levels increase dramatically when they burn, which means that either your home will be much more expensive to heat, or you could experience severe health problems if you are exposed to the gas for extended periods of time.

Natural gas is cleaner than any of these dangerous gases and does not require any form of ventilation in order to work. This means that there is no danger of breathing in any of the dangerous gases released during the combustion process.

Natural gas is the most practical choice for heating in the home, and you will find that it provides a cost effective heating solution. The cost of natural gas heating in the home is significantly less than what you would pay for an equivalent amount of electricity.