About COOLmax

COOLmax one of the best portable Spot air conditioner available in Dubai and UAE market , advanced industrial AC can be used anywhere, which provides unique and high-performance cooling to all major temporary and spot cooling applications. we also the provide outdoor air conditioners suitable for Dubai harsh weather.

Within the air conditioning industry, With COOLmax portable air conditioners you enjoys a reputation for the highest quality and reliability and durability of the industrial AC.

all our air conditioners must meet hight standards. That’s why each component of an air conditioner used in COOLmax AC must pass rigorous tests, including three-axis vibration, extreme temperature alternation in a chamber thermal shock and exposure to eight different types of dust particles. therefore no coincidence that COOLmax is the air conditioner designed to meet UAE cooling quality standards and demanding that offers a full warranty and good on spot service and maintenance.

we provide wide range of products includes portable air conditioners, Spot air conditioners, industrial air conditioners, datacenter air conditioners, and outdoor air conditioners. we also provide some custom built air conditioners as per customers needs.